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Monday, May 9, 2011

the amazing race

I haven't mentioned that Ive been watching The Amazing Race... and well, it came to an end last night. The entire time I was rooting for Kent and Vyxen! I liked how Kent was so little and that they both wore pink all the time; and I especially loved how Kent would call Vyxen his little pink kitten! And then they lost. So I starting backing Zev and Justin... cause they are the cutest friends ever!!! And I think they deserved to win. But they lost...when it mattered most. So out of the three final teams, I wanted Mallory and Garry to win. Mallory is so cute and dorky! But Keisha and Jen won, so good for them, I suppose.

Anyway, now its over... and I want to be on the Amazing Race!!! Although, I don't think I can... so it remains in my dream box.

I just wanted to share my soft spot for the Amazing Race. This was the first season I had ever watched, and I thought it was quite good.

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