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Friday, May 6, 2011

Make Up. Make Over

Ive decided I need to freshen up my look!! I really want to experiment with makeup... I don't usually... I'm pretty basic and go for a classic look. But I know think it is a good time to start using new colours, etc. Also, gosh darn, my hair is driving me crazy! I just don't know what to do with it. I don't really fancy dying it, because, for those how don't know, its naturally red. But like, actually red, not brown "red" or strawberry blond, just red, real red. And I don't want to dye it... I know when I'm old and no longer red, Ill reminisce about it. Besides its too hard to dye any light colours... Ive tried blond before, and it doesn't work. And I just grew out the black and the "purple".... so now what? And!!! I simply cannot decide if I should grow out my fringe.. ho hum... decisions decisions!

As I was checking to see if anyone had commented on any of my posts, I found one by another girl who has a blog, and she posts pictures of her rad makeup... this is what has inspired me to experiment. Here is her blog if you want to check it out:


Well, if you have an suggestions or hidden gem makeup brands, please do tell!!! No point in keeping such valuable info all to your little self, now is there?!

Well my little cats and kittens, enjoy your weekend! There are some rockin shows this weekend, you should check out...



  1. If you want brighter coloured eyeshadows that are actually pretty intense, and not so pricey, I always use the L'Oreal High Intensity Pigments (HIP). Looove them! Also, I love your hair, just saying :P haha