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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Woe Goes The World

Hump Day!! A good day indeed!!
In case you were wondering about bootcamp... this is my last month at New Body... after four months, and a heck load of money...I probably wont go back. Its nice to work out in a group, sometimes, and to meet new people, and learn new exercises, but I now feel as if I know the workouts and can do them myself... for free. The workouts are hard, but not hard enough I cant do it without a trainer. It shouldn't really be called bootcamp...cause you get to rest lots and not do things if you don't want and you don't get pushed as hard as you might think. But it was good.
Here is the link to the gyms website if you fancy a look. They offer a few other classes as well, like zumba and yoga.


Other wise... that's about it. Sorry my posts haven't been as fun as they use to be. Some people read my blogs and then make judgements about what I post or try to use info against me. Really though, its just meant to be a fun format to share my thoughts and going ons of my life. So now I feel like I need to sensor what I say, as a lot of people are scum and have no lives of their own, and therefore I feel a need to not share so much. Knowledge is power, as they say... Any type of knowledge, even tiny minuet knowledge and so my blog may be lacking lustre lately, but hey, thats the kind of world we live in... where sad little people dont know how to relax, have fun, stop making judgements and taking everything so seriously

hmmm, well have a good day... maybe Ill be back with a more fun and less harsh post.


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