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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Workout Wednesday- Boot Camp

Its Workout Wednesday!!!
Well, like Ive mentioned already a few times ( and continue to do so because I'm still so darn upset), the gym I was doing boot camp at for the lst four months closed all of a sudden with no warning! And while I enjoy working out and still have some work to do on my body, I didn't want to stop working out...and neither did my friend, who was also in the same boot camp. So... I made up some workout routines for her and I to do. I live by the river valley, which has numerous sets of stairs that are great to work out on. I thought I'd share with you the workout we did yesterday and perhaps you can try it out too! You don't need any equipment, just a set of stairs... preferably 100 steps or more.

For our warm up we walked to the stairs, which took about six minutes, then walked down the stairs. And then the workout began

- Run up and down the stairs 4 times... however you like, skipping a step in between or hitting every step
- The stairs we use have a platform in the middle with a railing... use whatever you can for this next part:
20 push ups- pushing off of the rail and landing back on.
20 tricep dips, keeping your legs straight for as many as you can
20 jump squats, as fast as you can, while still landing in a nice deep squat
- Back to the stairs, run up the stairs sideways, making sure you keep your hip turned towards the rail, as you get tired it will want to to turn forwards. Do this twice, switching sides the second time
- Repeat push ups, tricep dips and squats
- Run the stairs sideways again, like before
- Find a flat area then do the following:
30 mountain climbers, on each leg, so 60 in total
15 jump lunges- 15 on each side, so 30 in total. Try to jump up for as many as you can, and once you can't anymore, just lunge backwards, but try to keep a little jump in there, all the time making sure your knee does not go over your foot.
15 burpees, trying to keep your feet together when you jump back and jump as high as you can at the top
- Back to the stairs. Hoping up each stair with both feet. Hold on the rail if you have to.
-Repeat mountain climbers, jump lunges, and burpees
- Back to the stairs, this time hoping on one foot for 10 steps, then alternating feet and hoping with the other foot for 10 steps, etc
- Now for core!! Find a spot on the ground that is flat. Do each exercise for 30 seconds
-regular crunch, with knees bent and feet on the ground, trying to get your shoulder blades off the ground
- crunch with knees bent at a 90 degree angle
- crunch with legs straight up in the air
- hold plan position, trying to keep your body in a straight line, which means keeping your bum from sticking up in the air
- plank with toe touches ( step one foot out to the side, then back, stepping the other foot out to the side, then back...)
- side plank. 30 seconds on each side
- Then we ran the stairs two more times
- Stretch. Make sure to really stretch out your legs, hamstrings and calves
- Then we walked back to my house for our cool down
This took us about an hour and forty five minutes.
I'm not a personal trainer, nor have I taken any courses or anything on working out. Ive been doing boot camps for about 9 months and these are things I've learned there. Remember never to do anything if it hurts or if you really just cant do it! So, proceed with caution!!
I figure, why not get outside when you can?! Winter here literally lasts for about 9 months of the year, so I'm taking advantage of any nice weather we get!
Happy working out!

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