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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Body Health and Wellness- steals the show...

Recall how the gym I was going to for Boot Camp closed suddenly... did I mention they are refusing to refund anyone's money!! Did I also mention they withdrew my monthly few 9 days before they announced to the clients they were closing?! So they basically stole my money, and everyone else's, as they had to have known they were in trouble months ago. My one friend gave them $600 cash and they are not going to refund her! I posted a comment of their facebook page and when I went back to have a look half an hour later it was gone and so was the ability to post on their wall! The owner, Jason Newman, basically scammed everyone, stole their money and then filed for bankruptcy! Ive emailed him twice and he has yet to respond, after 5 days!!

Ive already contacted the better business bureau, although Im not sure what they can really do. Does anyone know anything else that can be done?!



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