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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dead City Prom

This Saturday is the Dead City Prom! squeee... Prom!!! Well, its not a 'real' prom... its better though! Because now I have better style, my own money and can hold my liquor better... well, for the most part! Its at The Mead Hall.. but it will tranformed from a dingy metal dungeon, to a rockin, glittery prom... with a giant skull disco ball, tinsel,streamers, balloons, dead city punch and treats... oh yah, and rockin live bands... not a shitty dj...

Lets take a look back at our own proms shall we....
I hated my dress... I felt pressured into getting it because I hadn't found one yet, and three other girls had the same style as me, my hair was horrible!!!! The stylist made me look like a gramma, and she pulled back my bands!! why oh why!?!! and my makeup was just boring... blah. I had the typical grad shoes... I really don't know why I wore anything I did... it wasn't my style, not at all.
I was late... my mom had surprised me and my high school boyfriend with a limo... oh and my borther came along for the ride too... I was the only one with a valid id, so I bought some cheap champagne and we went for a wee ride... then were late. The food was shit, of course, the awards were lame and went to all the same people... and well,. there was so much hype, for nothing... The after party was the best part, of course, and lasted all weekend at a friends acreage.

Now, this weekends Prom, will be much better!! Ill have a rad dress... although Im still not sure what I will wear... I can do my own hair and makeup very well now!! And I wont have to hang out with losers I don't care about! Instead, I'll have my perfect boyfriend... whose not so into the Prom thing, but he has to be there for work... so its almost like he's my date...

Anyways, if you have nothing to do on Saturdya, you should come!! Here is the facebook page, so you can read all about it!


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