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Friday, May 27, 2011

Lusting Over Lately

This week, Ive kind of been lusting over:
- An ipad.... I totally made fun of them when they came out... but now I think they're kind cool. And now they have covers, that you can even get in pink!
-Bridesmaids... well, I just really want to go see it.
-Shape Magazine. A new one just came out... I may have to go buy it. I love this magazine! It has easy, accomplish-able workouts. Yummy recipes and tips, and even a fashion section.
-Marshmallow Confetti Bars. I posted the recipe for them in my vintage blog, and now I want them oh so bad. vixenvonvintage.blogspot.com/
- A boston terrier... oh I want one so bad. I use to get to baby sit the cutest boston terrier ever, Cherry. But now my boss wont let me bring her to work, so I don't get to see her anymore. I want one of my own though! This is Cherry, below. See how cute they are?!

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