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Friday, May 27, 2011

Rant Rant Rant

My goodness... I feel a rant of sorts coming... and again, its about facebook. Please, oh please, tell me Im not the only one who thinks... in fact KNOWS... facebook was not created to air dirty laundry, start drama, and gain pity from others?!
Okay... there is this person on my facebook, who always, always airs their dirty laundry...and her exs dirty laundry. She claims to have moved on, found love and light and happiness... okay... so why are you still bashing said ex? Anyone? Anyone? She continually talks about the person he cheated on her with and refer to her as "it" "home wrecker" etc etc. Does any one else think that maybe, just maybe, this person is a little bitter?
This is literally one of her status posts ( the name has been removed obviously):
" One more bastard child for blank blank....another littler boy that aint gonna call him dad eventually....hahahah....some people make me sick!!!"
Are you kidding me? who puts that as their status? someone who is bitter, immature,malicious and obviously not over her ex
To make it worse, she is friends with her exs pre-teen kid, on facebook. She then, on his wall and status, makes rude, inappropriate remarks about his father and his new girlfriend. Again, please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this is wrong, just plain wrong?!
She can hate him all she wants, but she shouldn't be feeding his children propaganda to also hate him. Its their own choice how they want to feel about their father.
I really have a hard time understanding how people can be so petty and immature, especially when they have claimed to move on. Does anyone have a reasonable explanation.
This person is no better than her ex. She leaves her child, with who knows, while she leaves town to work for 2 months straight. She moves in with a guy she just met, thus forcing a new relationship on her him and her child, which everyone knows is not healthy when they are so young. She claims to have no money for medicine, etc, yet works all the time? Hmmm, where does all this money go? Okay okay, I shouldn't judge or make allegations. Just practice what you preach!
If I was a mother I would want to be an extra good role model for my children, especially if their father wasn't the best. I wouldn't be sitting on facebook all day or working out of town for weeks at a time and leaving my kid with whomever. Instead, I would be giving them love and educational experiences.
I guess not everyone can be an ideal mother....or person. But again... why put it on face book, so everyone can see how immature you are? and how you've failed at life?
Sorry, for the rant...but for some reason, it really gets to me!


  1. In case you don't already know...
    There's a hidden x box in the top right corner of your friends' posts on your homepage. If you click it, you'll have the option of hiding individuals' posts!
    Like a facebook breakup without the drama of deleting :)
    I use it at least once a week. LOL
    Enjoy, gurl!

  2. haha thanks! i didnt know that!!