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Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Update

Mornings often prove to be a forgetful time for me... as I am buzzing around the house getting ready, deciding what shoes to wear, tidying up, packing my lunch, trying to make my hair look decent and, well, forgetting things....like this morning... I forgot my camera at home! I had a bunch of pictures I wanted for to put on my blogs... and by a bunch, I mean a few, but still, its a little upsetting.
So, without any pictures, ho hum... here is my weekend update
Well, it went by oh so quickly....way too quickly in fact!
Friday night was spent running a few errands and then curling up on the couch watching Bring It On...yah... it wasn't very eventful.
Saturday I went to a couple garage sales and found a really cool vintage chair for $5, which I plan to paint and reupholster....and at a different sale I found a gorgeous necklaces, a crocheted flower cameo for $3!
Then I had to go to the bar to help decorate for the Dead City Prom...which was a good night. There was a really rad zebra print cake, some good bands, and cheap, delicious punch.
I got to bed around 4, perhaps...
And finally sunday was filled with errands, shopping, making treates, funky pickly pizza and Blue Valentine.
Thats it...and it went by so quickly. Now its Monday, Im horribly tired, and cant wait for next weekend already!

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