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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Afternoon Delight

Im having a very pleasent day so far and though I should share with you.

Well, I just went for lunch, which I rarely do. No, I usually sit in my window less office for 8.5 hours a day ( and only get paid for 8...) But today I decided I should go out for lunch, even if I have to go by myself, just so I can see the sunshine!

I had already decided where I was going to go, so off I went with my Shape Magazine and some paper to make todays workout plan. Well!! The place I intended on going no longer exists! But since when?! I swear it was there just last week! Well, I walked on until I decided on somewhere else to go. I picked The Pourhouse, a somewhat pretentious little bar, but in the day it was not busy and much much less pretentious. I had a sandwich and salad and Fruli, yum yum. The sandwich was an awkward size, too small to be cut in half, but still to long to be one piece. The bread was pretty hard, but it was still yummy.

On my walk back to my office, I saw two girls, each walking a French Bulldog, one of my favorites. And one was a baby!! Only 3 months old. My goodness, she was so cute, I almost couldn't contain myself.I actually asked if I could pet them, usually I don't, because I am a grown women, but the baby was just too cute! This isnt the one I saw... the one I saw was even cutter!! They have such big heads compared to their bodies!

I also though Id share some other elements of my day...with a pretty mediocre picture! My boyfriend stopped in momentarily and brought some some M&Ms, which I am currently obsessed with. Im also reading Winnie the Pooh, for book club ( its a childrens lit. theme)and I'm brushing up on my grammar ( which Im sure you can tell I need, as well, my grammar is not so good). And im drinking some yummy soda out of a glass bottle, which makes it even yummier.


  1. OMG that dog is SO cute!! <3

    Is that Boylan Soda?? YUM! I love that stuff, the creme soda is my fave - soooo delish!

    You're lucky, it's nice that your bf stopped in to bring you treats that never happens to me :P haha

  2. It def is Boylan soda!! I like the diet root beer...although the one I was drinking was Black Cherry. Yes, I am lucky, tee hee!! Tell your boyfriend to smarten up haha