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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Workout Wednesday- Hop to It!

Happy Workout Wednesday!!

With today's workout/health post I have an anecdote from my workout last night. My friend and I workout on some stairs in the River Valley by my house; its a pretty common area, meaning that other people workout there and use it as a route to get to wherever they are going. We always leave our water bottles at the bottom of the steps, and yesterday I left our workout routine, which was written on a piece of paper. Well, while we were at the top of the stairs, we see a man approach out water bottles. He picks up my friends and starts drinking from it!! Then he picks up the paper and reads it! We make out way down, and he is a very grubby, grungy, weird looking man, who then asks if those are our water bottles. WTF?!! Who does that?! My friends could no longer drink from her water bottle, as this man was not clean. A little while later, we are at the top again and some young teenage boys, see our stuff and start nosing around, so I just yelled to them that that was out stuff, and they left it alone. This has never happened to us before. It was kind of bizarre.

Okay and on to today's Workout Wednesday.

As of late, Ive been buying Shape Magazine...and have come to love it. They always provide a handful of different workouts, real life stories, recipes, facts and tips, as well, as the cover models story and workout. In this months Shape, June 2011, there was a small article on Jumping. Yes, Jumping. Apparently jumping exercises are top notch. They call these 'plyometrics', which means " quick, high-impact moves that strengthen your muscles while increasing your speed and endurance". Apparently 'plyometrics' burn more calories than other exercises.

Not sure what exercises are plyometrics? Well, let me tell you some!
- Jump Squats
-Jumping Jacks
- Burpees
- If you have a step or other devise you can use in its place, there are tons of jumping exercises you can do; think stepping up with a jump, shuffling over it, side stepping with one foot planted on the step while the other moves from one side to the other, etc.
- Frog jumps- yes they look silly, but hey, you cant always look chic. right?
-jump lunges
- jump squats
- hopping up stairs

Well, theres a start. After reading this I added in more jumping to my workout yesterday. We did 60 jump squats, 60 jump lunges, 30 burpees, 50 jumping jacks, and hopped up the stairs 2 times. And now my legs are very sore indeed!


  1. About the people messing with your stuff- weird. I always pay close attention to exactly how I place my bottle so I will know if any one messes with it, but no one ever has.

    On jumping- yes it is good and hard.

  2. WHAAAAAAAT! I've never heard of such a weirdo that would drink out of someone elses water bottle and then pretend that nothing happened and go on about their day!

    So happy to see all the poly you are putting into your routine!!! STAY MOTIVATED, you're inspiring! xo

  3. Yah it was so weird!!! I couldnt believe it! haha

    Thanks for the positive words!!! And Im glad to be inspiring... :)

  4. k..what the hell?? that is so weird that someone would do that..ewww! he must of been some kind of thirsty..lol!

    I do jump squats/jumping jacks/burpee's...burpee's kill me! Nothing else gets my heart rate up so fast..it's a great workout!

  5. I hate burpees, but I put them in the routine anyway. I think everyone hates burpees... they are kind of evil! haha