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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Bachalorette

Last season was the first time Ive watched The Bachelor... and now Ive started watching the Bachalorette... why? I don't really know... it was on... and now I'm hooked. Oh, and I workout while Im watching so its kind of like motivation...

Anyway... I think its so strange that Ashely would want to be the next Bachalorette! And the guys! Some of them are pretty weird... like Mask boy... or the guy who wanted a picture with her and the one who called his mom and got Ashely to talk to her. And Bentley... who is the hugest jerk! I can't believe she has kept on on, even though she was warned about him!

Do you watch the Bachalorette? Do you have any predictions of who she will pick to stay around? I'm not too sure yet who I like... its too soon I guess... although she says she already has strong feelings for a couple of them... These hyper romantic settings make you think your falling in love, when really your falling in love with the idea. I guarantee when they go home, they are not having the kind of dates they had on the show... no way!

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