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Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Love

Ahhh, Friday has come at last...and its a long weekend... the best kind of weekend there is! And so the count down begins 7 more hours until the work day is over!
In the mean time, can we please discuss what happened on Americas Next Top Model?!
I was rooting for Kasha, and then Hanna, so I didn't really care too too much who won... although I did like Molly... her bad attitude was kind of funny. But their haircuts that took place right before 'panel'...?!!!! Why, oh why, would they do that! I feel so bad for Molly! Her hair looked so bad, and then she doesn't even win?!!! Brittani looked cute and won... but poor Molly, has to return home with hideous hair. Okay, that's all I wanted to say about that.
Also, the gym I was taking my boot camp at up and closed!!! Out of nowhere! And are saying they are not going to refund anyone who paid with cash or debit... which is unacceptable, so we shall see what happens there. So last night, when we would have had boot camp, my girlfriend and I worked out on our own. I made a workout for us... and now I am sore... which must mean I did a good job... so a pat on the back for me!!
And!! I see a vacation for Miss Lemon in the near future... West Jet and Air Canada have been having crazy sales lately, I think because less people are travelling as usual, so if you have future travel plans Id keep on eye out... especially on Wednesdays and Thursday which are their sale days.
Oh and if you live in Edmonton there is a daily deal at swarmjam for Funky Pickle today!!

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