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Thursday, May 19, 2011

California Dreamin- Hawaii

Good Morning!! As mentioned previously, Ive been working on creating weekly features and posts. Todays just so happens to be on travelling and vacations. I love traveling and any time away from work is a glorious time! However, latelty I have either been short on funds or travel companions to go anywhere... so Im left dreaming of trips I want to take...
So thursday feature is: California Dreamin ( Im still working on the title)
Ive been yearning to go to Hawaii as of late... and well, who wouldnt want to go to Hawaii?! Well, maybe those who are broke... Hawaii does not offer all inclusive packages like other popular vacation destinations like Mexico, The Dominican Republic, Cuba, etc. Therefore it can get a little expensive. However, there have been some amazing seat sales recently and with sites like travelocity, expedia and redflag, offering deals on hotels as well, if you search hard enough you can find a decent hotel at an affordable rate. A friend of mine went to Hawaii a few months ago with a group of 8-10 friends and rented a villa/ apartment... so if your planning on going with a group of friends, that is a great option!
Now, another and recent reason why I want to go to Hawaii is because they are opening a Disney Land there!!Disney Hawaii in Aulani is scheduled to open in late August... so I'm hoping maybe, just maybe, by the time by birthday comes in January I might be able to go... fingers crossed
I thought perhaps Id show you how much it would cost to go to Hawaii if I booked a trip today...
so here we go:
The sites I always check when looking for cheap flights are: westjet and aircanada( because sometimes they have insane sales, you wouldn't know about if you didn't check out their website) and expedia. But today I am also going to look at Travelocity.
Here are the details:
Flying out June 15 and Back June 20.
AirCanada for a flight only: $1116.83
West Jet for a flight only: $510.81
thats an insane difference in price!
For a hotel for 5 nights ( the dates listed above)
On Travelocity:
Aqua Waikki Pearl- $382 total. 2.5 star hotel
Aqua Waikki Wave- $592. 3 star hotel
On Expedia:
Makaha Resort:$ 435
Waikki Beach Side Hostel:
co ed dorm: $175
semi private: $375
For a package, including flight and hotel
Aqua Aloha Surf- $ 727 for 5 nights
Aqua Aloha Surf-$727 for 5 nights
West Jet:
ranges from $599-899 depending on the hotel you choose
so then... I would either choose a west jet package, or the flight from West Jet for $510 and a cheap hotel from Travelocity. Either way, you'd need to budget at least $1000 for flight and hotel.
Well that was kind of a rough look at pricing...
Know I wish I really where going!
here are the link for the sites I used:


  1. Hawaii is one of the best favorite place of any kind of tourists around the world.

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  2. I want to go :(
    I didn't even know about Disney Hawaii...and I'm a Disney employee! Upside? I get discounts at any Disney location worldwide -- and I bet it won't be long till the Disney cruise line integrates their new location into their cruise schedules.

    Oh, I wish I wish...

  3. Your soooo lucky!!! I wish I worked for Disney!