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Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Update

I had a very busy weekend!!
It went a little something like this:
Friday was filled with last minute belated birthday and mothers day shopping...which meant running around, frantically trying to think of something to buy... it ended very well! Then to dinner, at The Mongolie Grill, which has a nice atmosphere... but somehow a piece of chicken ended up in my vegetarian stir fry... and so my meal was free.
Saturday, we were up bright and early... literally, at 7:30... for a surprise date, where I found myself at The Calgary Zoo!!! After 3.5 hours wondering the zoo I concluded my favorite animals were: the Giant Anteaters, the hippos sun bathing, and the oh so cute red pandas.
These are not the ones from the Calgary Zoo...but they are still very cute.
That evening I went out for some yummy cocktails and a bit of dancing with my girlfriends.
Sunday, I had to go my parents for dinner... so off we drove for some time to the country side. There, we acquired a bbq and a bike and basket! Now we're all set for the summer and bbqing in the sunshine!
And that's my first official weekend update. Ill be back later for a little sex and the city!

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