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Friday, September 2, 2011

Lust Haves Returns!

Friday... oh how I have longed for you... for real... this week sucked! And what better way to celebrate than with my newest Lust Haves! I know I have been absent.. although I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't notice... I'm the blog who gets picked last in gym class, who doesn't get invited to your birthday party... but together we can change that!Okay, okay, here are my Lust Haves:

1. Kat Von D Makeup- most notably her new palette titled 'Poetica' as well as her eye primer, makeup setting mist, lipstick... well, everything really

2. A green shag rug for my bedroom... to match my new retro bedroom furniture... like this one from Crate and Barrel...but it probably wont actually be this one, as its very very expensive

3. A new pair of boots... min are getting a little worn out...

4. A trip to Disney Land... the happiest place on Earth... that's where I need to be... and not in at work...which is the unhappiest place on Earth...well maybe not quite but it makes me pretty unhappy

5. Something sweet and chocolaty...seriously, I'm so hungry right now and all I want it some chocolate cheesecake or a cupcake or brownie or a truffle or cake pop...oh someone, please bring me some chocolate!

Its a long weekend...which is always something Im lusting over...less time working and more time having fun! Ive got tons of fun things planned for this weekend! I welcome a well needed and deserved long weekend with open arms.


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