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Friday, September 2, 2011

Binge and Purge

In an effort to 1) make some money and 2) get rid of all the stuff I don't need, want or use I have decided to sell quite a few of my personal items. This includes things like clothes, shoes, furniture, home decor and kitchenware. I actually don't have a whole heck of a lot of stuff but It seems that I do have mostly stuff I don't use... or doesn't fit. Thus far I've done fairly decent in selling of my things and have made a good profit. I'm saving my money and a vacation I'm hoping to go on although these days I don't like to get my hopes up- that sounds pretty pessimistic, but hey, it's the truth. Life is filled with let downs. Anyway back to me selling off everything I own... It feels good to get rid of unwanted things, which clutter up space which could be used for shoes and clothes I actually do wear... or for my new 1950's bedroom set (more on that later).
I often get a sense of satisfaction when I get rid of things. Its almost like an accomplishment. Hurray, I finally used that whole bottle of body lotion! or... Goodness, why did I ever keep all those empty shoe boxes, freedom at last! And now...my closet is half empty, my storage closet is slowly becoming more organized and less full and all those random things I kept for some reason are finally diminishing elsewhere to a place they will be appreciated.

Have you ever binged and purged... personal belongings that is?!


  1. I have always believed that for almost every new thing something old and non-useful-to-me should go out. More space!!! Woohooo More space!!! You have room for a new pair of shoes now!

  2. Ow I am cleaning out my stuff also. I already found some things I couldn't remember that I had them. :(
    More space and (hopefully) a bit more money now. :)

  3. there is definitely more space, which is nice in my wee one bedroom apartment!