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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All the leaves are brown....

goodness, i have not been a very good blogger as of late... which is due to... lack of motivation... which is basically affecting all areas of life right now. But, if I just make myself do it I know Ill feel better in the end. Yesterday for example, I didnt fancy working out but I made myself go for a run... which turned out to be great! It was nice and hot ( i love the heat) and the sun was shinning! And today I am nice and sore ( I also did some pushups, etc). I know blogging wont make me nice and sore, but at least I get to talk (?) to someone... I talk very few people during the day, and those I do talk to are giving me orders and making me do tedious work or talk down to me... oh work... how I love thee ( or loathe....)

Okay... well... it is now September which is awfully depressing as I was caged inside all summer... even though it rained...but its hot out now, but I wouldn't know it, Im in my windowless box. Well, as cliche as it sounds, I hope this change of season brings some change for me as well... things can only go up from here... well, not really, it could get worse, but lets me optimistic shall we?!

This month I plan on making and accomplishing some goals... such as trying a new recipe each week, making Lolita Lemon ( my jewelry and hair accessories) bigger and better, decorating my bedroom, saving a bunch of money...Easy peasy goals which once accomplished will make me feel good about myself!

What are your short term goals?!

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