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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Workout Wednesday- Yoga

Ahhh, Wednesday. The middle of the work week... oh and its workout Wednesday!!!

I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to talk about today. I had a few things swimming around in my mind. Ive decided to do a wee post on yoga, I know, I know, all we ever hear about is yoga... But I went to a new studio last night, so its fresh on my mind

I went to the yoga loft, which is in Edmonton. Like I had said, it was my very first time at this studio. I was nervous for some silly reason. Why, its still just yoga, after all, and I had been and done it plenty of times.

The yoga we were practicing was called sattva... I had never done sattva and didn't really know what to expect. Well, it wasn't much different that the yoga I was use to ( hatha and vinyassa). The class was great. The instructor and her helper...?.... were great at assisting you if you didn't quite know the posture or needed help with it ( I love when they help you). It was very hot and sweaty and overall a good class.

Sometimes I find that I don't do things, especially fitness things, because I get nervous. If I haven't been somewhere before or if I have to go alone, the chance of me not going are bigger. Its silly to let these things hold you back. Chances are there really is nothing to be afraid of. How many of you don't do things because you are too nervous or scared to? Its silly don't you think?
I think we should all try our hardest to just go for it! What have we got to loose? A few calories, perhaps?!

I know for alot of people who have yet to try yoga, they are simply too nervous to go. Perhaps because they are worried they wont know what they are doing or that they think they are too out of shape. But let me tell you, there will be someone else there for the first time too; and the instructors are very accommodating. So what are you waiting for?! Go get your yoga on!

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