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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The life for me

As of recent I have decided I want to buy a little vintage mobile home/ trailer, fix it up and live in it. But not just live in it, drive all around North America in it... especially in the southern US. I would hunt for antiques and collectibles. Id eat at little diners and dives. Id watch amazing small town bands. Id basque in the sunshine and swim in the ocean. Id buy little knick knacks and write home on postcards. Id make money selling crafts and the amazing antiques Id found along the way. Maybe Id have a home base where I could have an antique store. Id make friends along the way, who would invite me for bbq's and beers. Id get a little dog and we could frolic through the wheat fields. My boyfriend would drive and we would laugh and smile and never be sad, even if we broke down.

In my vintage blog, Ive been looking at and talking about vintage trailers and mobile homes. This is what has got me thinking this way.

I would be free and happy in my little vintage mobile home.


  1. omg those are way too cute!! i like the second one best!

  2. thats my favorite too... eee I want one so bad!

  3. You should check this out!


    My friend Mimsy (that's her in the middle) has converted an old 59 Sunliner caravan into a mobile tattoo studio which she calls Trailer Trash Tattoo! So awesome!

  4. I posted on your vintage blog but wanted to come here and say "hi" and I would love to do the same. I just have to wait until my kids are older and out of the house LOL. Either that or once we get our trailer "retro" fitted I will ship them to Grandmas for the summer and spend two months traveling in our vintage rv!

    Brittany from RamblingsOfADiva.com via FTLOB!