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Thursday, June 16, 2011

California Dreamin'- Day Planner

I need to decide where I would like to go on vacation....in December. Yes, I know its a while away yet... but I like to plan ahead. Organization is key. Yah, I can be a nerd sometimes.

We ( as in me and my partner in crime) had originally decided on going to Japan, but that was before the mountain of natural disasters and toxic explosions. We have since decided to wait a couple of years to go to Japan.

I have always wanted to go to Greece, its on my list of 30 things to to do before Im 30.

We were also thinking Italy... you know, because its so romantic!

And then we were thinking of going to maybe two places because its fairly easy to get around in Europe.

So, Im wondering what suggestions you may have. Or where have you been that you loved, loved, loved.

Ive been to England, Scotland, Spain and Romania, so I don't fancy going to any of those places.

Well, like I said... suggestions? stories? comments?

Oh, I also read in a magazine that planning a vacation in advanced gives you happy feelings as you have something exciting to look forward to and the planning process can be super fun too. I love planning vacations! So this will give me plenty of time to plan my next big one!

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