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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Miss Lemon tid bits

Well, I'm a wee bored today so lets play the game where I tell you 'interesting' and random stuff about me so you can learn more about who Miss Lemon is.

1. I'm a vegetarian. I have been for 8 years.
2. I have naturally red hair... the kind of red hair other people would dye ( tee hee) for and the kind Ive hated all my life, until recently
3. I lived in England for a year a couple years back
4. I have 9 tattoos.
5. I can't sing or play any instruments but would like to oh so badly
6. I love love love to work out...and have only found this love in the past year ( as a result of getting back back on my feet after a heart break and figuring who I wanted to be)
7. I have a BA in English
8. I hate children.. yes, its very true.
9. I use to get teased a lot when I was younger for being weird but never stopped being who I was ( and now some of those people message me on facebook and tell me how good I look now...and I say to them "fuck you")
10. Ive always wanted to be an interior designer

Thats all for now... maybe Ill tell you some more later...when I can think of other things to tell you


  1. I have a BA in English too! And can we see your tattoos one day? I like seeing what other women have decided to put on their bodies. I think they have some of the most unique tattoos. I've recently been pondering getting a cupcake with crossbones underneath it. I'd like to think I'm a bad ass baker.

  2. ill for sure post a pic with my tattoos. I def want to get a cupcake tattoo... im obsessed with cupcakes!!! i think you should get a cupcake crossbones!