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Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Update

What a weekend! And I don't mean that in a good way! It rained all weekend! There was no sun shine to bask in and soak up.

Alright so here is your weekend update:

Friday. After work I worked out while there was a brief rain interlude and the sun was trying its hardest to shine. And! right before I left to work out, I broke one of my nails! If you recall, I had just got some fake nails...I had hit my thumb nail on the edge of a wicker basket of all things, and broke all the way across my nail, almost half way down it... I ended up ripping it off... and now it is no so attractive and hurts very much.That evening I stayed in and watched some films. Pretty low key,

Saturday. I got up earlier that I would have liked to, but I had a doctors appointment to go to.Even though I arrived on time, I waited almost an hour to see the doctor! Meanwhile all the walk ins are, well, walking in way before me! My appointment only lasted, maybe, 15 minutes! How very annoying! Then I went to some stores to kill time... and when I came out of the grocery store I noticed my license plate was gone! I couldn't believe it! Someone stole was damn license plate! The two registries in the small town I was in, where closed, so I had to drive back home, on the highway , without a license plate! Thank goodness I found a registry that was open and I got a new license plate. Meanwhile, the rain continues. That evening, my boyfriend showed me how to play his drums... I was not so good. We then got some Funky Pickle and watched Red Riding Hood,which I actually liked.

Sunday. I cleaned my house, what fun. Then went to yoga, then back home to finish cleaning, then to the grocery store, and finally back home to relax.

Then today!!! I forgot to reset my alarm clock back to my weekday wake u time... and I slept in!! What a lovely way to start the week...

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