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Friday, June 17, 2011

Lusting Over Lately

1. Le Mer Collection wrap watches. They are gorgeous and very well priced! This one, to the right, is the one I want the most.

2. New Betsey Johnson Jewelry. I love how its so big and loud but still very stylish

There is not a Betsey Johnson where I live, but The Bay sells some of her Jewelry, so Ill have to head there

3. sleep. I have not been getting
enough this week, and to make it worse, I have to get up early tomorrow too!

4. Eats and drinks on a patio, in the sunshine. The sun had broken today and it looks like it may be a nice day... too bad I'm still at work, which means a sun filled patio will just have to wait

5. A dress from Shabby Apple. Handmade, unique, vintage inspired dresses. Squeee. They are so pretty. But the shipping to Canada is almost half of what a dress would actually cost. Maybe one day Ill have one....



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