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Monday, June 20, 2011


I am the mode to wear lipstick... very day... and while I love wearing a deep red lipstick, well, its not really the best for everyday, even though sometimes I still wear it... Ive been fancying some pink lipstick. While, I usually buy from Sephora or MAC, I decided to give CoverGirl NatureLuxe gloss balm in Thistle, a try. Now don't get confused by the name... its not natural, not at all; its just a trick with words to make you think its better than it is and make those silly people who think green coloured packaging, the word 'nature' and the phrase " luxury touched by nature" means its natural. Its not.
But! it does have an of of 15, makes my lips oh so soft and shiny, and it actually lasts for a significant amount of time. So... despite its improper advertising and use of the word 'nature', its a great lipstick and I think you should give it a try.

Do you have any favorite summer time lipsticks?


  1. its amazing the liberties that advertising can take eh?

  2. no kidding! companies are allowed to say they use natural and/or organic ingredients even if they dont. they imply that they do and most people dont read the ingre4dients or check for themselves, they just believe what they are told!!