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Monday, February 7, 2011

the calm has set in

Welcome back Monday....

I had a rather calm weekend... it seems things are getting a little too calm around here...

There was the gig Friday night which was okay. I had a few drinks, got a little dolled up and had a nice slumber afterwards.
Then there was relaxing and sleeping in and watching cartoons, and cuddling.

Saturday night I made some jewelry and hair accessories for THE DEADCITY FLEA MARKET next month at The Mead Hall, march 26. More to come on that later.

This week shall consist of boot camp x3, teeth whitening, sleeping, sleeping, laundry, bills, and work...



  1. Flea market?! Awesome! I've always wanted to try and sell my wares. I tried looking into craft sales before, and I was thinking about opening an etsy shop.

  2. you should open an etsy shop!! the fela amrket in on march 26 if you want to sell stuff!! tables are $10... but i probably wont use a whole table myself!!