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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

bootcamp day 4

I had boot camp again last night. The intensity definitely varies from day to day. Last Thursday's workout was much harder than last nights. But i still burned a heck load of calories and sweat up a storm. My girlfriend and I signed ourselves up for three more months after this month is through. So I had best see some kick ass results or I will be oh so disappointed. So aside from boot camp 2-3 x a week, I run laps at the gym once a week for about 45 mins, and hopefully will be doing much more yoga. And as soon as its warm out, Ill be going for runs outside.
If anyone has any other fun physical activities, please do let me in on them! Im in getting in shape mode!!



  1. hey miss lemon. i did the new body bootcamp as well, but just finished up the last month. i just recently bought some jillian michaels home videos, its a lot of circuit training and its very similiar to the bootcamp classes! sometimes its nice to roll out of bed at 6 and onto a yoga mat in your living room! plus cheaper until i can exercise outside again!

  2. thanks!! ill have to look into that!