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Friday, February 4, 2011

boot camp day 3

Last night was my third night of boot camp, and the last one for this week. It was a lot of cardio and I was soaking wet by the end of it. I'm not sore today though, but that's probably because we didn't do very much strength stuff, but we did work on our core quite a bit too...six pack here I come....?

I got some pictures done in December by a friend and he gave me cd with some of them yesterday, so perhaps I will post one or two...

Anyway, its Friday!!! And work is half way over! Then I'm off home to get ready and then come back to the club for a gig I'm putting on tonight.

I know its been a little boring around here lately... I'm focusing on working out and de-stressing. But perhaps some fun will pursue tonight which I can tell you about!!

Have a great weekend!!


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