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Thursday, January 26, 2012

In the know

Vaseline. A petroleum jelly that revolutionized the world. Or did it? I'm sorry, but I am here to tell you the truth! Vaseline, in all its gooey, slippery goodness is not as good as you think it. While it does have some very handy uses, such as getting you or your jewelry out of tight spots, taking off that stubborn makeup when you've ran out of the good stuff, and well, a lubricant.It is not good for moisturizing your luscious lips or supple skin! So stop using it as a lip balm! Okay, okay, you can keep using it if you want. But know the truth! Petroleum Jelly merely sits on the top layer of your skin, providing a barrier- it does not soak in to truly heal and moisturize your lips or skin. Instead, it just sits there, providing a subtle sheen and pretends to be doing something spectacular.

I was never one to use Vaseline as a moisturizing product- on my lips or hands. While all the girls in my high school toted around a mini jar in their over sized bags, I stuck to my regular ol' lip balm. Now, I don't even use that- the regular ol lip balm. I have been educated and hopefully now have you.

Instead I use, 99% of the time, a balm from Lush Cosmetics. Ultra Balm. This multi purpose balm can be slathered onto not only lips, but cuticles, , it can be used to add moisture to any dry spot- face, knees, elbows, heels. With only three ingredients, this balm is vegan and natural. Jojoba Oil ( which is the oil most similar to the our own sebum), Candelillia Wax ( an agent to prevent moisture loss and acts as a barrier) and Rose Wax ( which soothes) make up this oh so lovely balm- Ultra Balm.

A 40g pot, which costs just $12.95, has lasted me almost a year. Its too big and too precious to loose and works like magic, so I didn't have to replace it even once ( unlike all those tubes of lip balm)

Lush also had a handful of simple lip balms, some which are vegan, all containing either Shea or Cocoa butter, beeswax, olive oil and other naturally derived and moisturizing oils, among other lovely ingredients.

Burts Bees also offers natural and truly moisturizing lip balms. As do various other natural, animal friendly, ethical companies- all which do the job 100% better than that old pot of Vaseline- which no doubt is not ethically sourced or produced ( but that's a whole other post).

So I dare you- toss out your Vaseline and head down to Lush and get yourself some Ultra Balm!

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