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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

H & M's latest line

I watched the new Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on the weekend. It was amazing! Lisabeth is
the bad ass best friend you've always wanted. It seems H & M is in agreement. They are launching a new line based on Lisabeth- the girl with the dragon tattoo. The line consists of leather jackets, jean vests, tight pants, ragged sweaters, and hoods in beige, black, brown, rust and all the shades in between.
I admit, I like a few pieces, of what I have seen, from the line. However, some people are finding it somewhat contradictory. The character of Lisabeth and her style is betrayed as gothic and punk, with a dirty edge. Her look is lived in, and that is what H & M tried to portray- pieces that look worn and old ( but still fashionable and new). Yet, Lisabeth does'nt care about fashion, trends, or what's in style. Im sure she wears whatever she can afford, find, or steal. Thus, the contradiction.
Some people are getting rather upset about the line for other reasons though. Some say it is glamourizing rape. I don't agree with this; to me, its just another clothing line; its just another way for a company to make sales. But I also believe everyone has their own opinion and the right to it. What do you think?
Here are what some other people are saying about the new line.

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  1. I like the line, I mean its not really all that new of a concept anyway. People will always have opinions whether they are worth expressing is the question. lol