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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Workout Wednesday- Protect YourSelf!

Happy Hump Day!!! 1.5 more days until I get to escape work for an extra long weekend! But in the meantime, lets talk sun protection! Now that its hot and oh so sunny and lovely out, I am wanting to be outside as much as possible...perhaps you are feeling the same?! Now, as much as we love the sun and it gives us our happy vitamin ( vit d), it can also be out enemy and that why we need to protect ourselves... with sunscreen! Ive posted about sunscreen before, here, but I decided to touch on it again...

Please oh please wear sunscreen on all your body parts, even those covered by clothing especially when you are out in the hot, hot sun. Most clothing, unless otherwise stated, have very low uv protection ( think 3-7 spf). Ladies, especially, be sure to lotion up your gals... they need protection too...like when you go to the beach, that itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini is not doing much to protect them...
When you are working out outside, do the same...although a lot of active wear companies are starting to increase the UV protect capacity of their clothing.

July's issue of Cosmo magazine talks about the dangers of the sun... Melanoma... skin cancer! It advises you to examine your body for new and old moles and markings; if you see any new ones, or one that have grown, or have an abstract shape, you might want to get it checked out... just to do safe. Like out parents always told us: Better Safe Than Sorry.

Ive also been reading about SPF levels... anything below 10 is a waste of time- it doesn't provide any sort of adequate coverage. And anything about 50 hasn't proven to be better than, say, 30. Ive seen SPF 110 this year, for real! From what I've read, the safest bet is to stick to the 30-50 range. Ive also read that more expensive ones are not necessary better in the way of protection.

Now that sunscreen comes in so many shapes, sizes and formats, there is no reason not to use it. The old school thick lotion works best... but we now have sprays, thinner lotions, sticks, etc to protect us. They come in sizes small enough for a pocket, a purse, a beach bag, a gym bag, whatever... use it!

And for the ladies with lovely dark skin... don't think you don't need sunscreen... cause you do. Oh and the whole, go tanning before you go to Mexico to get a base thing, is total BS! There is no such thing as a "base" A tan is a tan is a tan... which really means the destruction and break down of your lovely skin and atoms and particles and all that scientific stuff.

If you don't want skin cancer... or wrinkles... or leather skin... protect yourself! Hey, and you can always wear a fabulous sunhat to protect your face!
I'm counting on you to be responsible and use protection... and don't say I didn't warn you

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