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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ashely Smashley

The sun is actually shinning and there is no rain!! What a wonderful day... to be trapped inside for 8.5 hours, with no windows to even see, let alone feel, the sunshine.... Well, just 4 days until the weekend, maybe it will be sunny and warm then too...

Did you watch the Bachalorette last night?! Stupid William, Ashely showed him!! My favorite guys so far are Aimes and JP. Aimes just seems really smart and cultured at the same time. Hes spontaneous, yet responsible...? And JP is just cute as a button!

I cant believe she is still obsessed with Bentley, she is going to be so embarrassed when the show airs and she finally gets to see what he has been saying about her!

I dont think I would ever go on one of these shows, as either part. The show provides you with hyper romantic situations, which you could never re create outside of the show. It forces you to think your falling in love... its messed up. And how many have actually ended up married? And stupid, cheesy lame-o Brad went on the Bachelor twice and still didn't get married!


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