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Friday, November 19, 2010

So nice to see you, Winter

hmmm, it's Friday yet again...a not so sunny, warm Friday, but a cold and snowy one, with very little potential...

Boot camp was cancelled last night because it was a wee too cold to be outside at night.

I had planed to see The Brains last night... but didn't... I stayed home, alone for the most part... and had no vodka to warm me up.

I seen to recall some goals I had set a while back... sleep more... still not happening... save money... definitely not so easy... drink less... I think that was one... and that's only happening because I haven't got the money to do it as often.

Maybe its just because the winter has arrived, which means no more warm breezes, no more summer dresses, no strolls to get ice cream to cool me off... and no being okay hanging out with myself, because I had the sun and warmth to make me smile... well, maybe it is just that winter has arrived... but I'm feeling a bit down on my luck, broke and a bit disappointed.
There's no vacation looming in the near future to look forward to, no best friend to go shopping with, get ready to go out with, or stay in on a Friday night with.... woe is me... well, not really... but I can be dramatic. I'm tired... and cold... and bored... and wish my best friend didn't live in Vancouver, but with me, in Edmonton.

Only two more hours until the work week is over... and I have two days of faux relaxation, rest, and freedom. When really, all I'm thinking about is the winter tires I need to put on, my brothers phone bill I am stuck paying, budgeting what little money I have to last the next two weeks, trying to make it to yoga at all and on time... and such is life.

Although, I do believe I am going to Duchess today, a fantastic french bakery on 124st... which will melt away any troubles or stress or frustration... nom, nom, delicious duchess

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