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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guts and Gore... Cuddles and Kisses

Ugh, its already Thursday and I haven't even told you about my weekend!!

Well, it wasn't too crazy...

Friday...I went to Miss Stephanie's going away party... she is leaving us for Calgary... the only good part about that, is Ill have somewhere to stay when I visit!!

My man friend...errr... picked me up around midnight to go to Filthys. I kind of forgot to eat since 1 in the afternoon, and proceeded to drink a whole bottle of white wine to myself, a glass of champagne and another glass of my girlfriends wine... so I was a little tipsy....well, needless to say a drunken night was had.

Saturday...we went to the Italian Bakery to get some lunch, headed home... and then off to work went my man friend ( who is not my boyfriend, and thus shall remain for the time my "man friend). I ran some errands... then come home to get zombie-fied. Yes, I was a Zombie for Halloween... but not just any Zombie... no... I was Nurse Zombie... I know, very creative.
Here I am... a wee drunk... at DV8...
Around 2ish my "man friend" picked me up, and off home we went, were I absolutely had to shower before bed, as I covered in delicious corn syrup blood.
Sunday...slept in until 2 in the afternoon!!! I made french toast, and we decided maybe we should try to do something before the day was over... We went to see Saw VI... how very appropriate, as it was Halloween after all. Now, I must confess I had only ever seen the first Saw because I was too scared to see the others... Well, I could hardly watch most of the film because I was too scared. My hands were all clammy because I was getting so tensed up from the gore, and yuck, and scary stuff.... although, oh so cliche of me, I held on to my man, and hid my face in his arms... that's right... classic. After all that was over we went for Chinese food, then cuddles back at home, and a film on the TV.
As for the rest of my week.... as you know, I had boot camp on Monday. Tuesday was not so exciting...cleaning, grocery shopping...boring stuff. Yesterday was the last class of Level One Pole Dancing... I actually had lots of fun! And may have to continue taking classes...
I hope you all enjoyed your weekends!

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