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Friday, November 5, 2010

Boot Camp Day # 14

Last nights boot camp was technically suppose to be the last one... but we took thanksgiving off, so we have one more class next Monday. So... last night we did the exact same exercises we did the very first class, and compared how many reps we could do then in a minute, to how many we could do know. I did so much better, its crazy. One exercise, jump squats... i had only done 15....?.... but yesterday I did 50! woot! I am shamelessly proud of myself!

So the next boot camp actually starts on Tuesday... so the one Im in now will end Monday and the new one starts the next day! I had better be seeing some rad results soon!!

Thank god, it is finally Friday. Oh, Friday, I have been longing for you since the last time we met!
I am strangely exhausted, but will not let that hinder my weekend, filled with martinis, dates, cuddles, and antiquing.

Tonight may be rather chill, as I am a broke little lemon and need to conserve funds. I have one bottle of gorgeous cheap white wine to be consumed tonight, possibly.

Tomorrow, my man friend has invited me over to his place, for the first time, for dinner. And then, hopefully I will have a date with Devlin's and his delicious martini's.... thanks to groupon for the lovely Devlin's deal I scored.

A trip to the antique mall, sleeping in, lovely homemade breakfast, cuddles, and such shall complete the weekend



  1. Hehehe, I call my sister's boyfriend her man friend. It's only because she's 21 and he's 40, though. I'm glad you've found a nice man friend for yourself, you deserve it! Also, way to go on the huge improvements from your boot camp, you should be super proud!

  2. Gee, shucks... thanks Tara.

    My man friend is also slighty older... sigh... I am drawn to the older men! haha