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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boot Camp Day # 17....?

Well Boot Camp, round one, has finished. Monday was my last Boot Camp...and it was a good one! My arms are still hurting from all the push ups... well, 60 push ups...

And, to celebrate finishing boot camp... i signed right back up and had my first class last night.... more to come in a bit.

Tonight Ive got myself a date...my man friend.... I'm making dinner for him... and I don't have to work tomorrow, so there will be no excuse for going to bed early!

There hasn't been too much excitement for me lately... which needs to change!!

Im planning a trip to Vegas... but that's not until April. And I'm still hoping to go away for Christmas next month.... if I have someone to go with... I'm know thinking about going to Hawaii... but it might be a wee out of my budget.

Ive got some photo shoots planned for the near future... Ill post pictures for sure!!

Other than that... not too much. Just lots of working out... trying to get some sleep... and all the cuddles a gal could want...


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