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Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekend Update

Is it really Monday already? Why yes, it is! This weekend was perfect... mainly because it was a long weekend!!

Hmm, where shall we start?!

Thursday: I went to the mall... ugh.. I hate the mall.. but I needed to pick up a few things... like Make Up Forever's Aqua Eyes Waterproof eyeliner... that cost $26!!!!! MAC Eyebrow pencil in strut... no other color or brand will do... I also cashed in 6 empty containers and scared a free lipstick. I got some comfy... but still cute... mini wedges for my trip this weekend, as I assume I will be doing a fair amount of walking, thus require comfy... but cute... shoes. I was exhausted after my stint at the mall, so I stayed home and watched movies with my bf,

Friday: hmmm, I went garage sale-ing... I bought a retro cooler... like a Coleman cooler... pictures to come... Oh and it was Canada Day... so we watched the fireworks, which were very weak, and made a heck of a lot of pollution... I had some vodka and cherry vanilla coke, watched The Birdcage and feel asleep

Saturday: Twas a very nice, sunny warm day... which called for more garage sale-ing... and mini golf!!! Very busy mini golf to be exact.... I lost, although I did get a hole in one...one time. Later that night... I went for a run cause it was still sunny and warm out at 8 o'clock! Oh and I bought an epilator... a lovely machine that pulls your unwanted hairs out... but very slowly and painfully...

Also, my boyfriend made me breakfast! Look how nice it was! French toast with fresh fruit. nom nom nom

Sunday: It was nice out for a bit, then rained, then was nice out again... blah blah... why can't it just stay nice?! I went to my parents house, and on the way stopped at a garage sale, where I got a bunch of retro earrings, 2 picture frames, and a china bowl which will sit on my vanity... all for... $4!!!!

Later that evening, I made some oh so yummy pasta packed full of iron... I'm still trying to get it to a normal level... ie... 100 times higher than it is now... and I watched Birth...with Nicole Kiddman...its very strange and I recommend it... although Nicole's acting could use some work.

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