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Monday, June 13, 2011

weekend update

And so begins the weekly grind...

Here's my weekend up date for ya'll

Friday night I took my boyfriend out for dinner for his birthday. We went to Chianti's, which I had always thought I didn't like, thus explaining why i hadn't been in years. I've now decided I like it, and shall return again. As we were leaving the restaurant, the sky turned grey and the wind was blowing at my dress like no ones business!

Saturday, we went garage sale hunting!!! We went to 8-10 garage sales, as it tis the season! We drove all around the city... I bought a vintage suitcase for $1!!! And a zebra print ottoman, which matches my living room perfectly, for $20! I was more or less looking for antiques and retro items, which I didnt find too many of... but there is still 3 moths left for garage sales, so I remain optimistic!Then, we went to a wee bbq, and afterward, I went home to tidy up and curl up on the couch.

Sunday, I went grocery shopping, then came home to make banana bread, quinoa nut & apricot clusters, and a cranberry hazelnut granola, yum yum. Then my boyfriend and I went to the Pourhouse for some dinner...

And that's about it... I know, nothing too exciting, but it was relaxing and garage sale hunting was fun!


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