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Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Update

Welcome, back... Monday....

Well, lets just get right to it... here's my weekend update:

Friday night I went to go see Bridesmaids... but it was sold out... everything was sold out... so we had to wait around the theater for an hour and a half to see The Hangover II, which was pretty good. I got out of the theater around midnight...and it was snowing... just a little bit, but come on! Its June!

Saturday, it was cold and gloomy, but I hoped on my bike and went to get my nails done... remember I was saying I wanted to get them done! They are zebra! well, just the tips! And they make it difficult to type and text! Then I had to hush off to the doctor, where I found out I have like no iron in my body! Well, my iron level is at 10... but its suppose to be over 100!! This explains a lot! Like everything pretty much!! This is what happens when you have super low iron levels: your always really tired. check. its impossible to lose weight. check. you have a hard time breathing. check. you get headaches. check. you get depressed. check. you have a hard time thinking. check. check check check. So, she gave me an iron supplement... hopefully things start looking up!! Really, I'm surprised I'm even alive considering how much I work out and how often I get too little sleep!

Saturday night was my last gig at The Mead Hall...well, that last gig I would put on. It was much better than expected!!!

Sunday, I got a massage... my first ever real massage... it was weird and I cant decide if I really liked it or not... Then I got some groceries....including my yummy iron supplement... then curled up on the couch... oh and made chilly, cause kidney beans are high in iron!! And! I made rice crispy squares. nom nom. Before bed I had a nice bath with Lush bubbles and a bath bomb... then made myself go to bed early, after reading a bit of Where The Red Fern Grows which is very sad at the end!

That's about it...


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