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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bootcamp day 7...and some other stuff

I forgot to update you on boot camp... as Im sure you are all dying to hear about it.
We skipped out on Monday because it was Valentines Day, and went on Tuesday.
Tuesday was such a funny class! There were a group of friends, three of them, and I think it may have been there first time there. One of them was absolutely hilarious; she couldn't understand how to do any of the exercises and was so animated in everything she did. She couldn't really speak English very well, so I think that was a probably part of the reasons he didn't get it, but she was straight out so freaking funny. The trainer was demonstrating an exercise for us, and this girl for real, points and laughs at her! She was also just out of shape, not overweight or anything, just not use to so much physical movement, I guess, so she couldn't keep up and was so dramatic in her display of exhaustion. She was like an anime character! It was a lot funnier than Im describing, Im sure.

Well, in other news... I went to the gym last night, ran 3 miles, than went home to make dinner and watch American Idol. I dont really remember their names but the people I like thus far are: The Cowboy- hes sooo cute and has such a country/cowboy voice! The wannabe rocker, who is autistic or something- he has a total rock and roll voice, but it is such a wannabe. JC- the fat little boy who actually got kicked out of a group by some loser- hes too cute and can actually sing. And the girl with the totally retro, high pitched, weird voice, who got kicked out last night; she was so rad, and her voice was wicked! hmmm, I cant think of anyone else...

Well, enjoy your Thursday,

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